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A Copywriter from Melbourne Town to Help Your Business Stand Out, Wherever you are in the World.

Please feel free to peruse my work & services in the fields of word & sentence play. I can assist you in copywriting excellence within the areas of SEO writing, complete website copy, banner ads, blog articles, business naming and more. Keep on scrolling to learn more.

My Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Allow me to create the words you need to make your website visitors click where you want them to click and to make it read how you want it to read. On-brand, in-voice, personalised to your audience. Get in touch for a quote.
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SEO Copywriting

Writing copy is one thing, but doing the research, analysing the results and peppering your copy with the said results - is another. My writing can get you noticed by Google, Bing and all the rest. When you're ready:
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Social Media Content

My online content writing services include research and copy for your: Blog Posts, Social Media, Landing Pages, Email Newsletters, Banner Ads & other kinds of Digital Promotions. Let me make it clear to your followers.
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Whether it's your event marketing, or a print advertisement - or even your menus and price lists, let me know what you need and I will craft you some riveting, eye-catching, on-brand copy that will be sure to hit your target.
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Editing & Proofreading

My eyes physically hurt when I see spelling and grammar mistakes. Can't help it, sorry! But when you need a pair of fresh eyes to go over your work (which you will, to be sure), I will gladly be of assistance.
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Business Naming

A thing is not a thing until it has been named. And to find a good, relevant and catchy name in today's day and age is getting harder and harder. Let me bust my brain to find you that perfect name, for this is a wordsmith's favourite game!
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You see, my solemn goal in this here endeavour is to craft worthy, readable and effective copy for your brilliant business.

So in order to make the above statement ring with preconceived truth, here are a few copywriting projects I am proud to have been associated with - and more to come shortly.

Case Studies

Gaibo Influencers

Task: Full website copywriting and a dash of sloganeering.
Visit website to read the copy

Mr Popo Catering

Task: Full website copywriting and a dash of sloganeering. Website design by me too.
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Groovy Tutor

Task: Brand Name, Brand design,full website copywriting, a dash of sloganeering and the web design is mine too.
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Mystery Names

Task: I have had the pleasure of naming certain brand and product names for a firm in New York. Non-disclosure agreements forbid me from saying what. But naming is something I do, and love 🙂
Contact me for naming!

Chiang Mai Nomad Article

Task: Being a "nomad" in Chiang Mai at the time I was asked to contribute an article about the perks of living in such a country of which there are many.
Click here to read the article!

Client Testimonials

Working with Lawrence was seamless, pleasurable and stress free. He designed my website and curated the copywriting for it. He is very creative and talented. Most importantly, his customer service was amazing, he was very open to feedback and change requests and was extremely patient and co-operative throughout the whole process. I am extremely happy with what he delivered and I highly recommend his services.
Lawrence was fantastic. His creative writing skills are excellent and was great to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for web design and creative writing work.
I took a chance on using Lawrence because I loved the name of his company…and I’m so glad I did. He has a unique approach and sensibility that enables him to look at a naming problem from many different angles. Because of this, he was able to take a difficult brief and develop a list of names that fit perfectly what we were looking for. Not only is he creative, he’s also super easy and fun to work with – and his wry sense of humor comes through in his naming suggestions.
Anthony Bennett
Managing Director, RedSky Strategy
I have yet to find someone who has been so responsive to my requests at all times of day and night, weekends, etc. Regarding the work – it has been outstanding. It was a pleasure to work with Lawrence – highly creative; very smart; very dedicated to outstanding customer service.
Elena Gold

Shall I try to convince you anymore?

So, a little about me then.

I’m a Melbourne-born freelance copywriter and web designer, currently based in Chiang Mai.

I have worked professionally as a web designer mainly, but over the course of 15 years I have also been involved in many writing projects, from full websites to banners, naming projects, ad campaigns and more.

These days I write and design for clients all over the world, and as much as I love Melbourne, it is a tad expensive these days.

Why might you want to work with me?

I try my very best to understand your needs and how I can best translate that into effective writing for your sales.

My core belief is “your success is my success”, so nothing short of outstanding will do 🙂

I’m reasonable, punctual, intuitive, good-humoured and most of the time, I just get it. You don’t need to ask me twice, as they say.


Copywriting is the art of simple communication effected by strategically placed words for impact, clarity – or both.

It is also a conversation that begins with you and ends with me. When you’re ready to begin that conversation, I’m ready to listen. So grab a coffee, pour a wine or crack a tin of something sparkly and let’s get to work!

Well then, let's have a chat.

Whatever you need in terms of copywriting concerns, feel free to get in touch with me via the details below.
I shall do my very utmost to get back to you in a reasonable-ish amount of time. Thanks.

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