Naming your business consultancy after your name? Yeah, well…

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Depending on the kind of consultancy you are preparing to run, you need to know what mood your name should deliver and how far out from the crowd you really want to stand – if at all?

According to The Clever Consultant, it is A-OK to name your consultancy after your name. Eh. Maybe. Sometimes. But if that were really the case, why is his website not called “SmithsConsultants” or something equally as unmemorable? Sure, it’s “OK” to name your consultancy after your own name, but in today’s day and age, why not have a little fun, a little depth, a little mystery, a little wordplay?

If a Brad Anderson out there had a financial consultancy business, would “Anderson Financials” suffice for a name, or would something like “St. Andrew’s Finance” be better? The “St.” adds a touch of drama which doubles up as a mnemonic device which, in my book, is better than not. The rest would then depend on if there was a story to tell behind the name and if you (and your audience) don’t mind the “holy” connotations.

Are you a technology consultant but don’t want your company to seem too robotic? Of course, there’s the Apple approach, where a cute little word can wrap it all up, but as you are probably aware, Apple owned the fruit! That is to say, do you have the marketing acumen, financial back-up and grand vision to make your products or services as shiny as Apple? If yes, then go for this evocative style of naming. Richard Branson did it with Virgin. What’s your insight, vision or deepest hope? Let your name evoke a grand vision, a peculiar advantage or a cunning wile: an implication in the subtlest of ways. It’s a genius thing to do, if you can pull it off correctly. But fail and thou shalt knoweth about it.

Perhaps you’re a legal consultant wanting to show the world that you’re as serious as a judge; or would you rather want to reflect some personality into your brand? In the legal profession naming game I would be tempted to take a risk; a calculated, safe risk; perhaps delving into Roman or Greek mythologies, finding a tale that resonates one of your business’ core values, or a myth that rings true to you – even for reasons no one else has to know about… To find something not too esoteric but that shows professionalism, trust and legitimacy in one fell swoop… It can take weeks or months to find that one perfect name, but it’s out there somewhere, and if you don’t have the time, then rest assured that people like me do. Of course.

A PR consultant, I think, should have a bit of fun with their business name. However, many PR consultants, again, just run with their normal, boring names. For shame! Think of something sinister or sneaky. Charm us with your cleverness. Iliana Taliotis sounds nice and poetic but there’s no way I’m going to remember you! Playing on the poetics and using a bit of reverse-perception, could Silly Iliana be a better brand name? It’s more memorable and plays on the humbling idea that Iliana has been-there-and-done-that and now knows better. It would be a risk, but these are the sorts of ideas that are fun to consider when naming your business.

What about a Human Resources consultant? Could we take a page out of Michael (the boss from The Office)’s book, with his disdain for Toby and all things not-fun-related? Again, it is fun playing with perceptions. Michael’s perception of Toby was as the ultimate killjoy in the office. And there we have a perfectly good name for a HR consultancy already: Killjoy HR – or something along those lines. It would raise a smirk to those who know. 

There are many ways to skin a cat, and not all of them are fun 🙂 Sure, you can be another name amongst many other names in your consultancy business, but look for that unique flair, that special something, that curious twist that you can tell your friends about and you’ll find that your name will carry more memorability, resonance and, dare I say, honour – not only to them, but more importantly, to yourself, the one who has to carry and distribute those business cards with your proudly embossed business name announcing your new-found awesomeness to everyone who cares to listen!

Of course, if you happened to have named your business after an old movie about a sod getting lost in the desert. I guess that could work!

If you find the task of naming your consultancy is not as easy as you might at first think, feel free to get in touch and let’s see what I can do for you.

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